The Latest Technology

Concrete Genie uses a technology known as Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) to scan concrete. You might have seen this tech help uncover treasures on a British archaeological-dig series known as  Time Team. With our GSSI StructureScan Mini XT, we effectively inspect within concrete structures to locate steel reinforcements, post tension cables, live power cables and much more. The process is entirely safe as there is no destruction of the concrete required, it’s simply a radar scan of relevant surfaces. This technique works well on walls, floors and concrete slabs. The data collected using the GSSI Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) Structure Scan and Radiodetection RD 7200 cable and a pipe locater Wand is then transferred into a report for our clients review and consideration.

The Reasons

Would you agree that its good business to know as much about a site as possible before commencing work? Our clients do, that’s why they call us to scan their sites before they drill or cut concrete.

If you haven’t already, here are some reasons to call us for concrete scanning.

1. Protect the health and safety of workers by ensuring they don’t drill into live power cables etc.

2. Prevent the loss of equipment, money and time due to accidents resulting from working blindly on unknown concrete structures.

3. Fill in the gap where no plans exist for old buildings, etc. that can be accessed prior to renovation/demolition.

4. Determine the correct points (safe areas) to cut and drill, instead of playing a guessing game.

5. Identify hidden weaknesses in the structures that may need to be addressed in addition to the work already planned.

The Report

Once the concrete scanning process is complete, our technicians at Concrete Genie will use the data to prepare a report that meets our client’s requirements.

This report includes site photos, scans of the concrete structures and a detailed summary of the technician’s findings that clearly maps any steel reinforcements or live services detected so that they are avoided.

Contact us for Professional Concrete Scanning

Concrete Genie is a Brisbane based and owned company, we also service Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba and Northern NSW. We’re fully licensed and insured.

Our aim is to provide concrete scanning solutions to schedule and with accuracy. To discuss your latest project, contact us by emailing or calling 07 3808 1738.