Concrete Genie Concrete Scanning is a professional and trusted Brisbane business.

We provide the Brisbane construction industry with the following services: GPR Concrete (X-ray) Scanning Investigations, Mapping/Reporting, Concrete Testing, Concrete Coring, See Snake Camera work and reporting.

Our precision ensures that Brisbane contractors are able to avoid potential hazards on construction sites.

Steven, who heads the Concrete Genie team, has accumulated impressive experience in the field of concrete scanning.

This wealth of valuable experience ensures all our clients get the best results.

Whilst Concrete Genie is a relatively new business, we have worked on some of the biggest projects in Brisbane. These projects include working with Hutchinson Builders, Buildcorp, Woollam Construction and Tomkins.

What sets Concrete Genie Concrete Scanning apart from our competitors?

On all our sites, we ensure that our work is incredibly detailed and accurate. Importantly, our team values the safety of everyone working on the site. We ensure that hidden risks are identified so that they can be taken into account.

At Concrete Genie, we don’t simply use standard concrete scanners. In fact, there is nothing standard about anything we do.

Whereas standard concrete scanners simply scan and mark, we take additional steps to provide further detail and precision. For example, we look for power and ensure that nothing that is live gets taken down. To provide detailed and accurate results, we use the latest GSSI technology, including RD7200 radio detection.

Concrete Genie Concrete Scanning is EBA compliant (union compliant).


concrete scanning
Concrete Scanning

Concrete scanning is the process of using GPR to look for objects or anomalies within a specific depth to avoid any issues when working in the area.

Concrete Coring

We also offer concrete coring solutions for EBA and non EBA sites, being a one stop shop for scanning and coring penetrations.

Concrete Crush Testing

MPA Crush testing. We pass on the sample that is cored and collected (avoiding all steel) by Concrete Genie to a NATA approved testing lab.  We then report the MPA strength of the sample.

See Snake Camera Work

Determines where certain underground pipes are located and to see if there is any internal underground damage.

Scan Before You Start Work

Concrete Genie works with you to ensure the safety of your workers before you start coring, cutting or drilling concrete. We use Ground Penetrating Radar to scan for rebar, utilities and anomalies so you can avoid costly errors.

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