Concrete coring or cutting without scanning first is dangerous to site employees…

They say…it’s just concrete… what could possibly be under there?

Hitting services, reinforcement bars or post tension cables is a costly and time consuming mistake that can have massive implications on a project budget and timeline.

It’s common to find electrical conduits embedded within concrete slabs in any building or concrete structure. This poses a safety risk to contractors responsible to core or cut. What do you think cutting through electrical cables leads to? That’s right, electrical outages and facility shut-downs, not to mention potentially fatal accidents for site employees.

Reduce the risk

It’s important to not only ensure concrete scanning is carried out prior to cutting or coring but that it is performed by a professional company. The professional concrete scanning company chosen should have the expertise, skills, training and experience to not only do a thorough job onsite but also provide accurate data and an analysis report immediately after. Concrete scanning equipment is very technical – so the technician needs to be able to use the right equipment for the job and use that equipment to its fullest potential!

Should you just leave it for another time?

Let me ask you this – do you want to avoid the risk of delays, damage or injury? How important is that to you and the project?

It’s essential to have the concrete scanned before you cut or core.

The right concrete scanning technician will have a great deal of knowledge, experience and will act as a partner in the safety of your project. Booking in the concrete scanner at the very beginning is good business and the way to go! Call us on 3808 1738  or email to book our concrete scanning or coring services.