Concrete scanning is the process of scanning concrete using a form of non-destructive technology. In our case we use ground penetrating radar (GPR) which penetrates the ground and identifies anomalies within a specified depth range. Anomalies are then interpreted by our technicians who will tell you what lies beneath and what might need to be avoided during any works due to take place.

At Concrete Genie we use the GSSI Structure Scan Mini GPR. Scanning is a quick and painless process; one that, on the whole, requires access to only one side of the concrete whilst frequently providing real-time, on-site images.

Our experienced technicians are able to locate reinforcing steel, post tension cables, live services and more. A detailed summary is provided as a report that same day.

Why would you need concrete scanning?

Most construction projects, particularly extensions/renovations involve the cutting or coring of a concrete slab for a variety of reasons. When carrying out this type of work, it’s important for those involved to know of anything beneath the concrete that may pose a risk to them, other people or the structure itself.

Saves you money and keeps you on track

For example, if when cutting into a slab, the workers accidentally cut through a cable or reinforcement – the outcome would be costly and potentially dangerous.

Imagine the cost of repairs and/or the domino effect upon other trades, taking time and resources from what are often already stretched budgets.

Also if an electrical cable is damaged, it may result in serious injury or even death to workers as well as a disruption of electrical supply. This is costly and time consuming and not something you want on a time critical project with a limited budget.

It’s essential to have the concrete scanned before you cut or core.

The right concrete scanning technician will have a great deal of knowledge, experience and will act as a partner in the safety of your project. Booking in the concrete scanner at the very beginning is good business and the way to go! Call us on 3808 1738  or email to book our concrete scanning or coring services.