Concrete Coring and Concrete scanning is not a simple job for anyone. That’s why many business owners in Brisbane contact us for professional concrete scanning and concrete coring in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Concrete walls and floors in commercial buildings in Brisbane are likely to have things embedded in them. And the only way to know if there’s something buried in there is to hire the services of a professional concrete scanning company – that’s where we come in.

A quick scan using the latest ground-penetrating radar technology is the best way to investigate what lies beneath the concrete. The top reasons that make concrete scanning a must in every construction project plan include:

Safety First

Imagine if your workers cut through concrete and hit a live conduit or a post tension cable? Hitting a live conduit or a post-tension cable is not only a high safety hazard, but a very costly and expensive mistake. This issue will cost you more money and time to resolve and compensate the builder. Taking steps to manage risks is a condition of doing business in Brisbane. Effective risk management starts with a commitment to safety from those who manage the business. Can you afford to leave things to chance? Invest in concrete scanning services to do the job right with safety first in mind.

Concrete scanning of a concrete slab helps to identify and locate any post-tension cables in it. Drilling the concrete is faster and more efficient when the location of any reinforcing steel in the slab is located and marked accordingly. The integrity of the slab is preserved with the precise concrete drilling not hitting any steel reinforcement in it. The scanning helps to prevent concrete repairs and patches than working blindly on it.

Identify voids or beams

The presence of voids on concrete is undetectable from the surface. Voids form with the erosion of the sub-grade dirt between the concrete slabs. If not addressed immediately, the integrity of the concrete slab is compromised. This makes concrete scanning an incredibly important tool to have.

Identify the location of electrical conduits

Industrial and commercial areas need an accurate picture of the electrical conduits buried in concrete slabs. A potential safety hazard is produced with the accidental cutting of electrical conduits. . When you are unsure of the location of these conduits, this is when you should call us for concrete scanning. With concrete scanning, the work is easier, quicker, and safer.

Let us help you save the guess work, money and get it right the first time, we are open 24/7.

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