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Concrete Genie provides invaluable concrete scanning, investigation and coring services to the Brisbane construction industry. We prioritise accuracy, quality and site safety above all else.

Our services include:

concrete scanning
Concrete Scanning

Concrete scanning is the process of using GPR to look for objects or anomalies within a specific depth to avoid any issues when working in the area.

Concrete Coring

We also offer concrete coring solutions for EBA and non EBA sites.

Concrete Testing

MPA Crush testing. We pass on the sample that is cored and collected (avoiding all steel) by Concrete Genie to a NATA approved testing lab.  We then report the MPA strength of the sample.

See Snake Camera Work

Determines where certain underground pipes are located and to see if there is any internal underground damage.

Our advanced concrete scanning and testing technology allows Brisbane contractors to avoid potential hazards during construction.

Construction sites can be hazardous places. All the more so when potential safety hazards are not visible to the naked eye. That is where our expert team and superior technology come in.

Our team uses the latest Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technologies for concrete scanning. Our precise scans and maps will ensure you do not encounter anything unexpected within a concrete structure. This is imperative in avoiding accidents and other safety hazards when working on concrete structures. It also saves you both time and money in the long run!

At Concrete Genie, we focus on providing precise results in order to maintain the highest safety standards for Brisbane’s concrete structures.

All concrete structures need to be investigated on a regular basis. This helps identify any damage or deterioration that needs to be addressed.

Our investigations will also identify the causes of the damage. This is important, because the causes need to be addressed in order to prevent further deterioration in the concrete. Based on our investigations, we will be able to advise you on the best type of repair work that needs to be carried out.

We are also the leading experts for Brisbane concrete testing services.

There are many different tests that can be used on wet and hardened concrete. Primarily, we focus on using slump tests and compressive strength tests to ascertain the quality of concrete. In essence, this is a quality control service that is invaluable to the construction industry.

The Concrete Genie team will tailor our services to meet your needs.

Our team has a range of tests and processes from which to choose. Concrete Genie is Brisbane’s leading supplier of GPR concrete scanning, concrete investigations, and Non-destructive Testing (NDR) procedures. We will adapt our Brisbane concrete scanning, investigative, and testing services to suit your needs. Every job will receive tailored services for the best possible results.

If there are any concrete structures on your construction site, you need the expert services of Concrete Genie Concrete Scanning to protect everyone on site and provide the best possible concrete solutions.

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