Most of you will know what Concrete Scanning is but for the rare few… concrete scanning is the scanning of concrete using Ground penetrating radar (GPR), a non destructive option to see where the steel and conduits are in the concrete slab. It helps construction workers to cut & core concrete structures safely and accurately.

At Concrete Genie we use a Line locator wand for passive and active (LIVE) power detection to avoid hitting live services and conduits.

If you’re in the construction industry, you’ll know that almost all construction will include concrete cutting, coring or drilling.

Our technician detects any anomaly and report what lies inside the concrete and what needs to be avoided during planned works.

We use the newest generation of their popular all-in-one ground penetrating radar systems – GSSI StructureScan Mini XT. The StructureScan Mini XT offers a 2.7 GHz antenna for superior target resolution and can reach depths up to 600mm, any thicker and a scan on top slab and underslab will be completed for accuracy.

The StructureScan Mini XT is ideal for locating rebar, conduits, post-tension cables, voids and real-time determination of concrete slab thickness.

When all scans are complete in each area, a radiodetection RD 7200 wand is used over the areas to search for live power and assure it is safe to core or cut in assigned area.

Depending upon the equipment used and the nature of the structure itself, our experienced technicians are able to locate reinforcing steel, cables, services plus more and a detailed report is provided to client.

We also offer transponding of the core holes to locate and mark with accuracy where the core hole will drop underneath to make sure the area is cleared when coring and that there are no unknown obstructions underneath.

Why would I need concrete scanning?

To avoid hazards which cause risk to people, project delays and overspending.

We are often booked to scan construction projects that involve the cutting or coring of a concrete slab for many reasons. When conducting this type of work, it’s vital that those involved are aware of anything in the concrete slab that may pose a risk to them, other people or the structural integrity itself. For example, in a situation where a worker is coring through a suspended slab and accidentally cuts through a cable, the outcome could be costly and dangerous. It could be costly because of the cost of repairs, cost of the harm to the employee and the negative impact/delay on the project schedule and budget.

We provide a detailed report with photos that helps you avoid these type of incidents.

So, if you work in construction and need concrete scanning, Concrete Coring, Concrete Testing and See Snake Camera work – we are your One Stop Shop! 

We help you save the guess work, save lives, money and get it right the first time. For more information and to book your concrete scanning or coring e-mail us at: