Are you working on a construction project? Often this type of work requires a worker to cut, core and drill into existing concrete suspended slabs.

So what are the risks of cutting into concrete?

There could be many things inside the concrete slab that might compromise the structural integrity, lead to a safety hazard, employee harm and unexpected costs.

THIS is the reason to call and book your concrete scanning with us, so that we can scan your concrete before you run into any trouble! It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to risky work!

Below are 5 reasons why concrete scanning should be your priority.


Imagine if your workers cut through concrete and hit a live conduit or a post tension cable? Hitting a live conduit or a post-tension cable is not only a high safety hazard, but a very costly and expensive mistake. This issue will cost you more money and time to resolve and compensate the builder. Taking steps to manage risks is a condition of doing business in QLD. Effective risk management starts w

ith a commitment to safety from those who manage the business. Can you afford to leave things to chance? Invest in concrete scanning services to do the job right with safety first in mind.



Every business owner wants to protect their business and every builder wants to protect their project.That’s why it’s important to have your concrete scanned to avoid striking hazards that lead to unexpected costs, budget overspends and damage to your reputation. To avoid all these things, book in your concrete scanning!


GPR scanning is essential in the preparation and installation of new structures like electrical conduits, fire protection systems, drains and ducts. At Concrete Genie, our trained technicians use ground-penetrating radar to scan concrete slab/ locate and identify any rebar and post-tension cables in the concrete. Once the reinforcing steel is located, our technicians will mark these locations so that drilling can take place without compromising the structural integrity of the concrete.


Detecting utility lines and electrical conduits is CRUCIAL in commercial and industrial areas.
Hitting electrical conduits during any type of cutting may cause a safety hazard to workers, the worst case scenario is fatal and to the community it could cause power outages and widespread damage. This is where Concrete Genie comes in to detect and mark these areas to make it easier and safer for you to continue planned work.


Voids and concrete beams are undetectable by the human eye because they are covered by grade materials and concrete. It is important to locate and repair voids if you don’t want a collapsed building and avoid cutting through a concrete beam where possible. Our concrete scanning services can locate voids between the subgrade soil and the concrete slab. We can also detect where the concrete beams start and finish to core through the slab.

This prevents you from concrete core drilling through the beam.

Let us help you save the guess work, save lives, money and get it right the first time.

For more information and to book your concrete scanning or concrete coring contact us by emailing