Did you know Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) was originally developed for measuring the thickness of glaciers in the 1930s? The hardware and software made tremendous technological advances in the 1960s, 1970s and finally became affordable in the mid 1980s.

GPR has come a long way since then. As technology and computer science continues to evolve, so will GPR … making this already trusted tool even more indispensable for any profession where knowing what’s below is key to safety.

So what happened to Concrete X-rays you might be wondering?

Concrete X-rays for all types of construction projects began to rise in the early 1980’s as it grew to become the technique used in order to reduce risk in Construction Projects.

The X-ray technology proves to be a challenge in that it emits harmful radiation to technicians and those in the area so special precautions must be taken to ensure safety and this type of work is performed after hours.  

This means the work takes longer, its more expensive and inconvenient to the client.

The latest state of the art technology GPR doesn’t require any such special requirements, it’s no longer dangerous to employee’s health or the environment. 

The GSSI GPR equipment Concrete Genie use is the equivalent of your mobile phones radar remittance. Our scans are easily performed in an industrial area and no personnel need to be evacuated from the site.

As a scan is performed, GPR transmits harmless electromagnetic waves into the ground or any soil or structure and then analyses the data of the subsurface. Slab thickness can be measured and utilities, reinforcing steel (rebars), post tension cables can all be identified and subsequently marked our the technician.

GPR brings so much value to the construction industry.

The cost of a GPR scan is minimal compared to the cost of cutting steel, post tension cables or a live service. GPR saves time, money, company reputation and most importantly the safety of all staff on construction projects.

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