Concrete coring is essential for a majority of construction projects. Concrete coring equipment helps to make circular cuts in concrete constructions including ceilings, floors, and walls, for various utility installation purposes.

Large scale construction projects need strong materials and skillful handling of every detail. Whether for the construction of a whole building or smaller space it’s important to hire a professional core drilling company in Queensland.

A professional core drilling service with better resources and top-quality tools will provide you with better services than one with insufficient resources. If you’re also looking for professional core drilling services in Queensland, get in touch with Concrete Genie now.

Benefits of hiring Concrete Genie:

Safety is our priority

When it comes to construction, safety comes first, this is why we offer CONCRETE SCANNING before coring.  We save you the guess work and get it right the first time.

Save time and money

On top of that, an accident or a poorly done job will set you back in time and money, this affects everyone involved. By hiring professionals up front, you may save time and money.

Top quality equipment

Professional core drillers use top-quality, performance-driven equipment. The effective use of such tools not only increases the workers’ productivity but also reduces the damage that could endanger their life.


We make sure we clean up after our work is done.

Now, you understand why its important to hire professional concrete coring services.  We use top quality drilling tools to deliver timely, efficient, and effective services at competitive prices. Visit our website now and get a free quote from our technicians.