There’s so many reasons to why concrete scanning is essential. The biggest 2 reasons are:

Identify Reinforced Steel

We use ground-penetrating radar (GPR) to identify areas of reinforced steel. For example, we identify some post-tension cables and/or we may detect some rebar. After we identify reinforcing steel, we mark it on the concrete and follow up (same day) with a detailed report.

Identify electrical conduits

The biggest reason why need to book concrete scanning to identify potential conduits before you start cutting or drilling into concrete.  If you drill through an electrical conduit, you can create a significant safety hazard for everyone in the area. There’s also a chance that you could mistakenly create a power outage or cause widespread damage. Concrete scanning can help you identify electrical conduits to avoid a hazardous situation. 


These are just two of the biggest reasons why concrete scanning is so important. Even though you’re probably eager to get the project started, it’s good business to minimize the chances of causing larger problems or having to drill multiple times. If you identify issues before you start drilling, you can save time and money. So if you ever consider drilling or cutting into a concrete slab, always stop and think to perform a concrete scan first.

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